When consciousness expands the mind, I opened into a new expression,  a spiritual awakening

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak" Buddha



engaging in a grand scale. Allows me to create features in my paintings that portray the essence of security, serenity and tranquility. 


Image comes to me , imagery of vibrational meditation, while my mind is in a state mental concentration body is in deep peace then, I get transformed that take me to a higher level of neurophysiological awareness to heal my body.




My buddha paintings are a symbolism to empowerment and heal spiritually mentally help us go on a path to enlightenment to release the negativity, what in imprisons us mentally ,chronic pain I had to over come. My buddha representation is a part of my visualization to regenerate empowerment in our daily surrounding space projecting healing radiant light energy driving the bad Karma out by reminding yourself to use your own heart chakra.


 To achieve enlightenment transitional of execution, invoke a state of serenity, tranquility, calm in daily living to all genders through out private and public spaces to encourage an atmosphere of well being thru meditative healing art.

healing process


Faces ,a moment in time, thought creating process for figments


The time,execution , emotion ,energy, tranquility,layering,


evolution of layers , ascension of spiritual transformation

"quiet the mind and the soul will speak"

Additional Information


“When I create an art work, I am working from an emotion from that moment happening in that time in my life.  I capture it and freeze it in my memory and visualize my expression before applying it. I build the layers as we build the layers in our own lives; I am working with my spiritual emotions and transferring them to the layering process.

Gradually my technique  develops into an architectural emotional synthesis of meditation layers and my interpretation is born. A world in simplicity, non-chaotic, harmony, serene within my own utopia, captivates the audience.”

Amanda’s ideal next generation of the mutation of species keeps her motivated for a more peaceful world.

She reflects upon her time spent in Peru, living and traveling healing retreats around during the winter months. A real snow bird, some might say. Peru has given her a sense of rebirth, calmness and energy. The people have the security and protectiveness surrounded by Cathedrals and the strong conviction of religion and this is what transformed her work.



Dreams to be able to share my peace and contentment with others, when they display my artwork in homes. The Buddha series is a culmination my healing experiences. Frozen in time, the faces in my Buddha's reflect pieces of my life's journey and evoke emotional spiritual healing metamorphosis.

Working in a variations scale, allows me to create meaningful features in my paintings that portray the essence of security, serenity and peace. As I apply my gel mediums, I become tranquil in my world, and my faces start to evolve through the use my palette knife. Pouring the paints enhances more uncovered feelings and emotions and the application of gold leaf completes the process as my faces become illuminated. My goal is to visit many South American countries where I can draw new inspirations for my next series of paintings. I am open to learning more about my life's meaning through exploring these places, then expressing my feelings through my art.


“ I am always fascinated by layers, feel of textures the way my senses are stimulated affects me in my environment with my own state of mind.”