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Amanda Bellino was born in Lima Peru 1967, raised and lived in New York  all of her life. Blending a Peruvian heritage with that of savvy New Yorker, her artwork reflects where she has come from in her life and where she is now. Amanda started studying Architecture and Environmental Design at Parsons School of Design in NYC. Through this exposure to the process of learning about structure, materials and spatial arrangements, Amanda realized that she preferred to create interior spaces for people that reflected harmony, identity and Feng Shui. Her love of textures naturally led her to creating faux finishes. She started her own faux finishing company in 1994 called Artique Interior Design in which she did faux finishes as well as kitchen & bath design.

​To relieve the stress of a car accident in 1996 that almost left her permanently handicapped, Amanda started to paint in oils and acrylics. Her art then evolved to also incorporating sand, mortar and gels to create multi-dimensional sculpture effects she also drew upon her Peruvian heritage to create modern sculpted relief paintings of historic symbolisms of her culture which include Corn Gods, Tribal leaders, Mountain Cats and more.

Her  approach to sculpting relief is similar to architecture, by building a foundation of sand and mortar and letting it cure, she then applies different paints mediums including latex, acrylics, glazes, waxes and enamels to form a dipping effect technique. Being a Green advocate, Amanda recycles all interesting materials to create and enhance her artwork.


Frank Lloyd Wright is one of Amand's inspiration. Inspired by his architecture, and use of  mortars and concretes, she has integrated in her work a core structure, which then allows for the creation of two-dimensional design. She was also influenced as a child by the artist Salvadore Dali. In "La persistenda de la memoir", one of her favorite paintings, Dali used a landscape as a foreground present her enlightened state, inner wisdom and emotional clarity.

Her work has been described as personal, captivating and serene. A buyer, who is living with a couple of Ms. Bellino's Buddha paintings in her home finds the eyes and faces of her Buddha's presented, a continual daily reminder of a sense of calm, confidence and continuity that she aspires for in her in own life and home environment of spiritual healing.

Amanda's work can be described as the fusing of her feelings through the building of textures. She manages to create intentional cohesiveness even though her methods  are fluid and random. Her Buddha series has emerged from this process and awakened state of enlightenment. Each of these paintings is really a reflection of herself and her new and peaceful view of her life ,mental awearness and the world at large.

The evolution of Amanda Bellino's work is what she has achieved in her own life and what we all hope for in our own to create a path of peace, diminish the sense of anguish of present day circumstances, and to cultivate a clam and peaceful state of mind.

Amanda had by the ocean in East Quogue, NY she finds the beach to be soothing environment as well the large artist population which is known in "The Hamptons" never forting her heritage, Amanda had spends her winters in her native Peru in which she devoted her time to helping emerging artists of that country, She was coordinating and producing an art exhibit featuring thier work  untill 2015.

March 2018 Amanda  keep evoving by making a transition to move to For Lauderdale Florida where her next evolution will begin.

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